Buzz Around Collie as Funding Announced for Town’s First Fax Machine

There is a serious buzz around Collie as the WA Government has announced it will be providing the necessary funds to whisk the town into the early 90s with its first-ever town fax machine.

In a statement provided to The Times, the WA Government said it was committed to ensuring every Collie resident had access to the antiquated piece of communications equipment. Adding,

“Today is a milestone for Collie and for South West relations in general. This facsimile machine will make Collie not just a destination town for mural art but also for fax needs for the entire region. We’ve had Bunbury on the blower all morning asking if they can get one too”

We spoke to a Collie resident who said his first order of business will be to fax the Perth Magistrates Court a picture of his nuts after they fined him $200 back in 1989 for urinating on a police horse. He told The Times,

“It’s all anybody is talking about. A fax machine in little old Collie? Dreams really do come true. I think we’ll all be busy making sure those Bunbury freaks don’t try to get up the hill to use it ha ha”

We put the news to a Bunbury local who said he noticed a big attitude shift since the announcement. Adding,

“They are acting like they don’t all have neck scars now. Acting like they are something just cos they are getting a brand spankin’ fax machine. All I can tell you is that I’ll be driving my Patrol up that hill and ganking it”

You could tell by the determination in his eyes that he was serious. Watch this space, if Bunbury gets their hands on that fax machine it could all be over for the already uneasy truce between the towns.

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