Perth boy goes to Book Week as dad’s favourite literature: ‘15 Toyota Hilux Owner’s Manual

A Baldivis school kid has blown his competition out of the water after coming to book week dressed as his dad’s most read piece of writing. 

His costume simply consisted of a white sheet with the Hilux warning lights panel printed onto a piece of paper and attached with some glue. He told The Times,

“Daddy is always reading it and he likes it so much he gets all sweaty and punches walls in the house”

Ah, yes, the ill-fated 2015 Toyota Hilux is the subject of a class action suit where owners may soon get compensation for fault DPF which makes the car run like a piece of shit. 

The boy’s father, adamant he can still fix the cunnovadog, told The Times,

“Yeah, the boy really looks forward to story time before bed. I mostly read out lines from the manual. We are so close to unlocking the secret of my shithouse fuel economy. Little scamp loves it”

Some have questioned whether a Hilux owner’s manual really meets the definition of a “book”. A claim the rev-head dad fiercely rebukes,

“It’s got words, don’t it? I’m not gonna let the boy read any science books full of lies. Although this manual is full of lies, why the fark is this light coming on? Do you know? Toyota won’t take me calls anymore”

One teacher actually applauded the effort. Saying that compared to some bogans at least this costume was attached to actual writing. Adding,

“Let’s face it, the kid probably doesn’t have a bright future in academia, may as well get him interested in becoming a mechanic as early as possible. It’s kinder that way”


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