WA man kept awake at night pondering what new object he can whack a motor onto

The last time Darron got a full night’s rest was 3 years ago after he successfully built a motorised esky. It was a challenging yet fulfilling project for the young man and he went to bed that night satisfied.

Alas, it’s been a while between wickets and Darron can’t stop his mind from racing at night. See, Darron is driven by what is possible. What could be. What new object he could wack some wheels onto and hoon around his semi-rural property after going to town on a 10-pack of Wild Turkey.

We spoke to Darron who was pacing around his shed examining every inanimate object in his path for motorised capabilities. He sucked back a dart right to the filter before telling The Times,

“Used to fix up old cars with me dad but I got sick of dealing with all the crackies on marketplace ay. Anyway, when yous drive an esky or a couch you really feel like yous is driving mate. That’s the pursuit of excellence they talk about”

A pursuit of excellence that won’t allow Darron to rest until he’s created something truly unique. He’s a fan of the work done on picnic tables and even wheelie bins but says the only way he’ll be at peace is if he comes up with his own unique invention. 

It’s rare to be with a genius during their eureka moment but we may have just been. When Darron got up from a milk crate that he was sitting on and proclaimed loudly, “milk crate any cunny put on a motor on one of them?”

We couldn’t think of a cunny who had. It was amazing to watch the man work. First pulling out an old lawn mower to assess the suitability of a 2-stroke for the crate. His mind was working overtime as he planned it all out in his head. 

Getting increasingly chuffed he started making semi-rural excited noises that are rarely heard by the soft eardrums of city slickers. He boomed across the shed, “SMOKO ON THE GO, ME SMOKGO”.

It was a beautiful moment. Not just because Darron had dreamed up a new project to lose a fair bit of skin on but knowing that he’ll finally get a bit of rest tonight. Rest he so badly needs. 

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