New Zealand bloke evicted from Wagin’s Woolorama for obvious reasons

A New Zealand resident now rising in Western Australia has been escorted from Wagin’s famous Woolarama festival today after getting a bit handsy with the models.

Witnesses reported a disturbance at a shorn sheep competition when a member of the crowd got excited. A witness told The Times,

“This Kiwi bloke was getting right into it. Chur’ing all over the shop and telling everyone he didn’t expect the show to put skimpies on”

Clearly, the man had enjoyed a few brews before the show and tried to force his way toward the competition entrants to grab him some “sugar”.

It took several farmers to restrain the man who was given his first & final warning to keep his hands to himself. A witness added,

“These beautiful girls are looking their woolly best and the last thing they need is this Kiwi degrading them. Treating them like a piece of meat. I mean, they are also a very comfortable jumper”

Naturally, it didn’t take the man long to get into trouble again after he was caught offering a few lambs some hay.

It was at that point the festival had to jump into action and evict the creep before something worse happened.

We managed to talk to the toey Kiwi who said he regretted his actions but claimed that all these scantily clad sheep reminded him of home – where that sort of thing is given a pass. Adding,

“No one would bet an eyelud back home! This is a dusgrace! I have rights!”

He has been banned from Woolarama for a decade.

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