WA dealers threaten class action against Bankwest’s ATM closures

A collection of shady underworld figures who list their occupation as “distribution” specialists have taken Bankwest to task after announcing they will be filing a class action if Bankwest go ahead with its plans to shut down its branches and ATM network.

At this stage, the potential plaintiffs are looking into injunctive relief. As their lawyer told The Times,

“Can their customers go to another ATM? Sure, but it sets a precedent they think will be very harmful to their business model. Basically, in their line of work the more ATMs around the better and they are worried other banks will follow suit”

We managed to speak to a “distribution specialist” who said Bankwest should consider the impact it will have on him. Adding,

“We value our customers, shame Bankwest can’t do the same. It breaks my heart every time I charge a customer 500 for a bag of the worst product they’ve had and they cop a $3 pub ATM fee. That’s putrid mate”

Bankwest has responded by stating that as we hurtle through the modern age all types of small business will need to adapt to a digital model. Adding,

“We are sorry that some of our customers are unhappy with cash being a little less available due to our planned closure of branches and ATM networks. Maybe get onto Monero coin or whatever it is that you shady pricks should be doing”

We understand if everything goes to plan the injunction application should be before the courts by next week.

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