Cott family claims basketball hoop is a sculpture by the sea so the Council won’t force them to remove it for a few weeks

A clever Cottesloe family has found a little loophole in the Cottesloe Council’s war on kids playing basketball outside their homes.

The family set the ring up on their verge and when the Council sent out a crack squad of goons to deal with the presence of joy they were told it was actually an exhibit in the annual Sculptures by the Sea event.

We spoke to the brainchild of the plan who told The Times,

“I saw some of the art down at the beach and thought a basketball hoop could easily pass as an exhibit too. The Council actually got one of those rolling measuring things and figured out whether the distance constituted ‘by the sea’ and we scrapped in”

A source close to the Council claim that they are furious the family had found a loophole. Adding,

“Some geriatric ratepayer might have to listen to an hour or two of basketball a day now. It just makes you sick to the stomach that the squeaky wheel isn’t getting the oil this time. What are they supposed to do? Appreciate kids getting active? Yuck”

The family will be able to display their basketball hoop up until the 18th March when it’s believed the exhibit will be forcibly removed by the Council.

So kids, if you fancy a little game of piss-off-the-NIMBY-boomer, you’ve got a few weeks!

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