NFL labels today’s 2nd leg of the Eras Tour a massive success

The National Football League has applauded the 2nd leg of the Taylor Swift Eras Tour that went down today without a hitch.

Unlike the first leg, Taylor brought two whole teams of football player-themed backup dances as well as guest appearances from artists such as Ludacris and Usher.

A spokesperson for the NFL told The Times,

“Some old-fashioned types were still calling today’s spectacle the Super Bowl or whatever but this was really Taylor’s show. No matter how many people are so sick of having her rubbed in their faces”

Much of the coverage of the event was focused on Taylor Swift, which is exactly what you’d expect given it was her performance and 100% all about her.

A spokesperson for her boyfriend who apparently played some key role in the backup dancers’ winning game told The Times,

“Travis Kelce is just stoked he was able to come and support his girlfriend during her big show. She said the only touchdown he cared about was the orchestrated passionate embrace after which will be plastered across social media for some time to come”

Next on the tour is Melbourne and sources close to Tay Tay’s entourage have told The Times that the Kansas City Chiefs will be coming along to back up their performance today given what a hit the entire spectacle was.

Some of the athletes are begging the tour promoters for some relief. Claiming they are pretty sore after putting it all on the line for Taylor’s big day.

Alas the show must go on boys. Please remember your place.

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