Orangutan chucks a wobbly and yeets a possum at Perth Zoo

Is there anything more iconic than orangutan shenanigans and Perth Zoo? Probably not. If they aren’t escaping they are showing unreal levels of territorialism.

In this video we can see King Louie coming home after a busy day of wanking in public to spot an intruder. Could he just walk away or does he need to show this punk who is in charge? **Dr Dre Guilty Conscience music starts playing**

Check out the video here:

Perth Zoo conceded that sometimes nature just takes its course. Alas, the invading possum didn’t live to survive this encounter.

Some might say the ginger giant over reacted but that’s the law of the jungle baby! So if you’re thinking of throwing him a surprise party in his pad maybe think again. King Louie don’t play.

Needless to say, this caper was far less endearing than in 2017 when an Orangutan jumped the fence and enjoyed a stroll around the zoo for the afternoon. However, you get what your given when it comes to ranga antics.

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