Perth Airport Promises To Pay Synergy Bill Promptly Next Time

Perth Airport responded to criticism over power outages last night which led to the cancellation of flights by vowing to get on top of the electricity bill next time. 

There has been a lot of speculation about what happened. Ranging from a potential burnout on the tarmac knocking out power to the Perth storm doing its thing. 

However, the simplest explanation is usually the most correct and it looks like Perth Airport just needed to flick a coupla couplas over to Synergy for services provided. 

We understand that the Airport brass initially attempted to blame a negligent roommate for the blunder, telling The Times,

“Um yeah, we gave it to Hungry Jacks to sort out but then forgot they had shut up shop so yeah, bill didn’t get paid. Reckon they’ll buy that?”

We respectfully submitted that it probably wasn’t going to cut the mustard before they decided to cough up to it,

“You know how it is, no one likes paying those dogs and that includes a critical infrastructure facility like ours. We just kept saying, I’ll pay next week but then next week came, and yeah well, you know the story”

A source close to Perth Airport said that it wished the public would give it a break. Not only are airlines making them look like a pack of tits but their leccy bill is “ridiculous”. Our source told us,

“How far do you think Marko’s $400 electricity credit gets an airport? Have you got any idea how much juice that bad boy gobbles up? You’d stall on paying such a disgusting bill too”

Perth Airport would now like to assure customers that the bill has been paid and any further delays to their travel will be for all the other reasons plaguing air travel this year. Adding,

“We can guarantee that the lights in the terminals will be the least of your problems”.

Strangely, not very reassuring. 

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