Perth managers prepare for rare peaceful Saturday as the usual suspects will be at P!nk

Perth managers across the entire range of hospitality are preparing for the most peaceful Saturday on record this weekend. Obviously, excluding those poor souls stuck managing Perth Stadium.

This is due to the vast majority of manager-seeking customers hanging up their suburban pub boots and putting on their P!nk boots as their lordess & saviour comes to town.

We spoke to a SOR pub manager who said Saturdays have left him with a permanent twitch in his eye and that he won’t know what to do with himself this weekend. Adding,

“Everyone is pretty pumped. We won’t have some rampaging bull-Karen demanding a 100% discount because the entire meal she wolfed down was a bit cold in retrospect. That feels pretty good”

There is of course some fear that the hordes of complaintatti will frequent licensed venues before and after the concert.

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An expert in Karen-management told The Times that while most hospitality venus will experience peace there are some areas of concern that may not. Adding,

“Basically, if you are within a drunken stumble from Perth Stadium you are at high risk. East Perth we are looking in your direction. We regret to inform you that you shouldn’t let your guard down in the same way a Rockingham pub can”

P!nk’s concert will begin at 5 pm and end at around 9 pm. Given the large number of people present the mayhem will likely begin at 9:30/10:00 so take solace in the fact it will only be a few hours.

Even if those hours are extra peppery given they are all hyped on up P!nk.

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