P!nk Disappoints WA Fans, Says She’s Only Coming To Perth To Pick Up Her Car

Western Australian P!nk fans have been left devastated to find out that the singer is only coming to Perth to pick up the car that she left here in 2013 and not as part of her Australian tour. Sadly, the only thing she’ll be getting started in Perth is her engine. 

A source close to the superstar claimed that she’d been looking all over for the vehicle and had only just remembered where she’d parked it after seeing it surface on social media last year. Adding,

“You have to understand that P!nk has a lot of cars and yes, they all profess her love for herself in the car decal or wrap. Some people might find that a bit arrogant but hey, when you’ve sold as many albums as her you can do what you want”

We spoke to one superfan who claims her life is literally over and begs the singer to at least belt out a few party anthems at a suburban Woolworths like other celebs considered. She told The Times,

“If she doesn’t want to do the full Perth Stadium show then she could at least rock up at Baldivis Coles or whatever. What about Kwinny Aldi?I don’t think it’s much to ask really”

Other fans have commended the star for going full Perth. A middle aged man who still has a few posters of P!nk on his wall told The Times,

“Driving to a gig and not remembering where you’d left your car the next day is a classic Perth move. We don’t like public transport or Ubers over here so I can actually respect her for that. I still wish she’d reply to one of my 10,000 letters though”

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