Perth Man’s ‘14 Photo Of In-N-Out Burger *In L.A* Going To Get An Absolute Rinsing Today

Jason has been in a state of frustrated rage since hearing American burger chain In-N-Out is doing a pop-up in Perth today.

He has spent the past 24 hours trying to figure out how to let every single person lining up for a bite know that he’s actually been to a store in L.A and that an Aussie pop-up could never compare.

Knowing that a journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single smug step, Jason began peppering posts on foodie pages with his beloved photo. 

Not just any photo thought. It’s The PROOF that he defied the odds and managed to book a ticket to L.A, commute to a burger shop, and order some food. Yes, a grown adult managed to do all that and he’s not about to let you forget it. 

We spoke to Jason as he was ballsdeep into launching another tirade on a post about the fact he’s also tried several other American burger chains. He told The Times,

“All these sheep lining up today are just wasting their time. If they really wanted the In-N-Out Burger experience they should fly to L.A like I did”

Jason paused to pull up a photo on his phone before continuing,

“I even went to Baldwin Park and saw the original store. I AM In-N-Out Burger man. Here check this photo out, this is the double I got in 2014 with the animal-style fries!”

It was clear that Jason was getting progressively more worked up at the thought of everyone posting their In-N-Out meals on social media today. He told The times,

“I have half a mind to clear my schedule and go down there today. I want to really get into people’s faces when they are chewing on their inferior In-N-Out and let them know what it really tasted like. Hell I might even get a double myself”

Yes, nothing shows disdain for people lining up like going down to line up yourself. Just to be sure they know, of course. Jason making clear that he’s nothing like these sheeple.

At the time of writing this article, Jason had posted his photo over 45 times. This figure is expected to seriously balloon out once everyone else’s pics start filtering through. 


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