Perth Burger Hunter Decides Flying To L.A Will Be Quicker Than In-N-Out Pop-Up Line

Perth is doing what Perth does best and the line for pop-up is growing considerably in length and girth. 

So, burger hunter Daryl has crunched the numbers and figured that getting the next flight to L.A will be quicker than continuing to line up with the rest of them.

Not only does Daryl feel he can get “in and out” of L.A before the end of the line reaches the till but he figures he can throw in a cheeky week holiday to boot. He told The Times,

“Look I’m not going to lie to you, I obviously don’t have a whole lot going on this week. Why else would I be lining up for a burger? Nevertheless, this line sucks man, I’ll just go straight to the source”

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In remarkable scenes, the line is already snaking its way into Yagan square; however in 15 minutes it’s expected to reach Kings Park. 

Perth line analyst told The Times, 

“time will tell if this line will outdo Taco Bell but bear in mind Taco Bell was a permanent fixture so we expect the temporary nature of this pop-up to really attract a crowd of people who clearly have nothing better to do”

Accordingly, Daryl has already made his way to the airport and awaits his flight out. The only real question remaining is what is Daryl going to do with all the time he’s saved grabbing a burger?

Time will tell. On’ya Daryl. 

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