Perth reveals that the harrowing journey to Mordor in LOTR was the inspiration behind public transport system

Key architects of the Perth public transport system said they were “inspired” by Frodo and his companion’s harrowing trek to Mordor when designing it. 

We spoke to the son of one of the original designers who said his dad always spoke about the epic adventure one would have on the system. Adding,

“Dad said Public transport in Perth is simple. Just drive to a station, wait 45 minutes per connection, get off near Middle Earth, cheeky trek to Mordor and then do your best to hang on to any precious jewellery you might have”

The charming revelation comes after it was reported that 60% of Perth has inadequate access to public transport. 

In other Cities, the designers of public transport systems prioritise concepts such as convenience and reliability. This is all well and good but where is the story to tell your kids?

We spoke to a commuter who said he appreciated the fantasy and felt the daily fear of getting rolled by outer suburban orcs kept him on his toes. Adding,

“I want to tell my grandchildren the epic story of the time I fought back against an ancient evil and managed to get from Kelmscott to Fremantle after going home with a girl from Metros who very much believed that meat was back on the menu. I don’t want to just tell them, yes son, the bus came on time and I got home, BORING”

We asked the current Government if they had any plans to de-Mordor the experience and they said absolutely not. A statement provided exclusively to The Times stated,


Well, good to know, the age of convenience is certainly not dawning any time soon.