Perth Van Gogh Attendee Wants You Plebs To Know She’s Been To The Actual Museum In Amsterdam

An attendee at Perth Van Gogh Alive exhibit has gone to great lengths to separate herself from the plebs by treating her surrounds to loud anecdotes about her 30minute whirlwind tour of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Monica, who goes by Monqiue now, visited the famous Dutch painter’s museum in 2018 and has the FB photo album to prove it. Luckily she took so many photos as her memory is quite hazy, for some reason.

Monique’s friend tried to hide her face at times due to the unfiltered purity of the cringe streaming out of her friend’s mouth. She told The Times,

“You could tell it bothered her that no one was respecting her artistic pedigree. She had some stupid beret on and wouldn’t stop talking about her experience in Amsterdam 4 years ago”

A witness told The Times that she heard Monique snicker behind her back when she made a comment about the sunflowers being pretty. Adding,

“After I heard her mocking me subtly she launched into a spiel about how Van Gogh’s truly pivotal work was housed at the museum in Amsterdam and everyone in Perth was only getting an introductory lesson to his genius. You could tell our mere presence disgusted her”

It seems that her experience in Amsterdam wasn’t enough to help Monique feel superior. She also harped considerably about Perth not understanding interactive exhibits like she did. 

Her proof? She’d been to MONA in Hobart and according to Monique this made her a leading authority on interactive art exhibits. 

While the crowd found her pretentious, Monique saw herself as more of a teacher. Her obnoxious stories of a standard tourist activity served as a lecture on the importance of art and how anyone in Perth would never truly understand it. 

Monique told The Times,

“OMG look at all these posers. Someone was wearing shorts. Seriously, Perth doesn’t deserve cultural events like these. How many of these people have even done 2 semesters of a fine arts degree?”

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