Poser Alert: Influencer wearing Shein shirt can’t even name 5 of its best sweatshops

An influencer has been called a poser after stepping out in a Shein fast fashion shirt seemingly oblivious to some of their biggest exploitative manufacturing bangers.

Tamarah wore the top to the soft launch of a friend’s dietary supplements pyramid scheme today and it wasn’t long before the 30 other Shein enthusiasts was on her back about wearing the gear. A witness told The Times,

“A bunch of influencers surrounded her and were asking her if she even heard about indistinct workshop 876 in the manufacturing district of Guangdong. Another chimed in with whether she even knew about indistinct workshop 914 that uses the most skilled kids in the area. She had nothing”

We spoke to one of the influencers who was enraged at this casual wearing the brand name. She told The Times,

“What a poser. Like, ew. How can you call yourself a Shein fan if you don’t even know Wei’s work on the cute crop tops released last summer from indistinct workshop 5412 in the south of Guangdong? Her little hands are the best she’ll grow up to be a very fashion savvy teenager I bet”

We spoke to the influencer who was copping the flak and she was reduced to tears. She told the Times,

“Oh em geeeee, I just thought their tops were cute. Why are they gatekeeping labour exploitative, environmentally unsustainable fast fashion from me! It’s so unfair! I’m sure Shein don’t mind me supporting their brand”

Yikes. That is a poser. I wonder if she even knows the brand’s more underground work in Turkey and Poland? Plenty of shortchanging going on there don’t you worry about that.

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