Father heartbroken after his sons Raptah & Fordan express desire to own an EV one day

Kev thought he’d stacked the deck just right to make the type of men out of his sons that he could be proud of one day. Alas, they have spent too much time on the internet and their impression brains can’t stop thinking about the futuristic style of an EV.

This is despite Kev’s thrice daily anti-EV rants. He told The Times,

“You never think it’s gonna be you cob, one day you’re all a happy EV-hating family and then young Raptah comes home and says his principal fills up his car at the wall and how it was **pauses from his Woodstock can** soooo cool”

Kev needed a minute to regain his composure. He stared into the distance with the look of a broken man. A single tear rolled down his cheek before he continued,

“Ah DAMNIT, look at me, crying like an EV driver ha ha, nah, just had something in my eye, don’t write that bit down, or I’ll knock your block off. Anyway, after Raptah told me that I started spending more time with them tinkering with the Ranger. That’s when Fordan said three words that will haunt me for me days, mate – Build Your Dreams”

Suspicious, Kev checked the history on the communal iPad and discovered hundreds of search results for BYD. Shocked by what his kids were becoming, Kev made them watch as he drove over the iPad in a proper diesel car.

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Kev’s misso claims that her husband is overreacting and will support her children no matter what their car fuel persuasion is. Even admitting that Kev’s white-hot anti-EV rage is getting a little tiresome. She told The Times,

“It has really taken over his life. We were late to Raptah’s AusKick earlier this year because Kev spotted an EV charging bay and insisted on parking in it until some lefty snowflake got offended. We were there for 2 hours”

Luckily for Kev, there is a support group for diesel men whose children embrace EVs. It is held by Robbo who has only just reconnected with his son after the toddler pointed at a Tesla on the freeway and made a happy noise.

Thank goodness there is help out there or Kev might blow a head gasket.

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