Journo sneaks one past the keeper and gets meth accepted as name on her kid’s birth certificate

Sometimes you read a story and wonder how it could be real. Fear not, ABC  journalist Kirsten Drysdale was researching a story on the acceptable criteria of a name in Australia. She was finding it hard to get concrete facts however.

So, to see just how far she could push the envelope she submitted the name “Me thamphetamine Rules”. To her shock, it was accepted. Check it out:

The names registry is now pretending like they didn’t love the name and promised that its checks and balances had been amended. 

The child, of course, will not go through life with such a wild name. Nevertheless, it does make one ponder some of the other names that get through. 

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It would leave anyone wondering where the line was. If you can name your kids Ford and Raptah, why not just call them meth. It would save a lot of time uniting them with their destiny after all.

Sure, this name is a bit on the nose but what do you think people dream up when they meet “Krystal” or “Pippy” or “Iceaphnie”? Yep, it’s blowing clouds, baby. 

I reckon the average person runs into 4 names a week that they’d like banned.

The segment on ABC here:

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