Proud Rockingham Englishman Devastated At Butler Assumption

Barry, an ex-pat that calls Rocko home, was left shattered this morning after a new work colleague unfairly stereotyped him after hearing his accent. It is understood that the man asked the Limemaster General if he lived in Butler. 

The incident occurred at approximately 8:30 am in the work kitchenette. By all accounts, Barry attempted to mask the hurt by laughing off the vicious jibe before becoming noticeably red. Some described the scenes that followed as an irate crab at boiling point. A witness told The Times,

“We very briefly thought he’d taken it in his stride but then he just exploded. Kept asking if he looked like NOR Butler scum. He got so hot under the collar he could barely finish his mug of Bisto”

The new colleague initially made the situation worse by stating “it’s just that you lot seem to love it up there”. Barry almost shat his pants in anger. Loudly proclaiming that he’d snagged a lovely little piece of paradise for himself on Rockingham Beach Road. A witness told The Times,

“Honestly, I thought we were at a West Ham v Millwall match. Barry had his phone out showing the median house price of Rockingham $42k more, not to mention the champagne real estate he had overlooking Rockingham Beach”

It took 3 cups of builders’ tea, 10 imported custard creams, and a reminder Brexit went though to calm Barry down. After reporting the new colleague to HR he was ready to talk. He told us,

“You’re avin’ a laff if you think I’d mix with Northerners. We have a thriving community down in Rockingham that always gets ignored innit?”

It appears Barry has carried across his own prejudice from the motherland when it came to geographical bias. Nevertheless, everyone in the office now knows not to mislabel his ex-patriotism again. 

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