Ross The Boss Seen Buying A Lotto Ticket After Miraculously Surviving Eagles Scare 

Ross “the Boss” Lyon has been spotted smashing his phone buying up lotto tickets after seriously testing his luck in today’s game between St Kilda & West Coast. 

A supposed “contender” for the silverware was dominated for most of the game by West Coast who just last week suffered a 171 point thumping. A witness told The Times,

“Getting beaten by West Coast this year isn’t something any coach wants. Ross was sweating for most of that game. He really can’t believe his luck. So you can imagine how quick he was to capitalise on said luck and go hard on the Lotto app”

Not only has Ross The Boss bought plenty of lotto tickets but he was heard after the game expressing a strong desire to get to the casino as fast as possible. A witness added,

“He kept saying how tf did we survive that. Just pacing up and down the changerooms mumbling about the god’s shining on him. He said if he wasn’t at the roulette table in 45 minutes heads would roll. Daddy needs new shoes”

West Coast fans at the game were understandably disappointed but felt alive for the first time in many weeks. A fan told The Times,

“Yeah losing after playing with so much heart sucks but exposing St Kilda for the pretenders they are is pretty heartwarming, ya know? Back to the drawing board Ross. WA owning you again”

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