Perth man nobly saves everyone the burden of looking out a window by posting a photo of this arvo’s smoke

Perth has tipped its hat to a young man this afternoon after he posted a photo of the conditions around his dwelling. It was undeniable, the burn-offs had created a thick layer of smoke ash that is almost completely unable to go unnoticed. 

At 3:30 pm, the man uploaded the photo with the caption “what’s with the smoke?” before liking several comments from friends who told him that it’s lucky he was quick on the draw or they may not have made a similar observation. 

We caught up with the man who was basking in his new found fame as a newsbreaker. He told The Times,

“Yeah, all in a days work and that. I noticed the light around my flat dim so I figured it was a cloud. Then I went outside and noticed smoke and ash. Then I thought, what’s with all this smoke ay?”

Thankfully, he’s not alone. With many people exercising their civic duty to alert people to atmospheric conditions that they also would have been smack bang in the middle of. We spoke to a Perth woman who also shared a shot on your IG story. She told The Times,

“I could’ve gone on to the emergency alerts website and figured out what was going on but I figured I’d just post a photo of the smoke and say it was nuts. I’m glad a lot of people didn’t need to have to look out a window this afternoon thanks to me”

Emergency services are calling the actions of everyone who posted a photo of the smoke “invaluable to their cause”.

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