Society thanks woman posting a pic of her passport & boarding pass for the helpful reminder of the basic documents required for international travel

Society has banded together to thank a young Perth woman for her valiant efforts at the international airport today. In preparation for her flight, she posted a photo to Instagram of her passport & boarding pass with a caption stating she was about to fly to Bali.

Not only did the post alert everyone to the fact she was living a better life than them at the moment but it provided a helpful reminder of the basic documents required for international travel.

We spoke to Chontel who was trying not to die inside after copping the expense of a single drink at the airport. She told The Times,

“I’m just doing my bit he he, I really do fear that some of my followers are sitting around their povo homes with no idea of what’s required for international travel. You need a passport and a boarding pass! People are always asking me about the required documentation, you know”

No, they aren’t, Chontel, no one has ever asked you shit. Alas, we digress. To see the impact Chontel’s post had on the world we tracked down one of her followers who was indeed living in a povo shitbox. They told The Times,

“Wow, I never would’ve thought about that. I always figured you’d need an ID but a whole passport? That’s revolutionary to know. I also probably wouldn’t have figured out the entire boarding pass puzzle either. Chontel is always looking out for us”

Well, there you have it. We were sceptical at the utility of posting the documentation at first but evidently, it is changing lives one airport selfie at a time.

Hats off to you Chontel, enjoy your stay in sunny Bali.

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