Local Staffie Mortified As Owner Bites Another Owner At The Dog Park

A Maddington Staffordshire Bull Terrier has been reduced to tears this morning after dealing with the shame of seeing its owner detach himself from his end of the leash and attack another owner during a morning walk.

The incident occurred at about 8 this morning and was believed to have been sparked by the victim recognising the assailant from a cashie job performed a day before. A witness told The Times,

“Typically, it was a dispute over a mess made. The victim yelled out that the assailant hadn’t cleaned up after himself while doing a cashie job on the weekend. It was also alleged that the assailant failed to flush the toilet before leaving. It’s always about cleaning up shit isn’t it!”

The Times understands the victim demanded the assailant clean up his mess and that’s when the attack happened. The witness continued,

“Yeah, so this bloke just started growling. Bearing his teeth and all that. He said he’ll clean up the mess when he gets paid an additional sum he referred to as a fuckknuckle tax for having to deal with the bloke. That’s when he latched on”

Distressed onlookers, including the two dogs, attempted to break up the men as the assailant locked his jaw on the victim’s neck. This shameful display lasted several minutes before a Ranger came over and demanded to know why this man wasn’t on a leash.

A spokesperson for the staffie released this statement following the incident,

“I’m sorry about the big dog, he’s usually an angel and isn’t aggressive. I don’t want to make excuses for him. I think this is why we need to divide up the dog park into owner size limits. Clearly this smaller victim would have been a lot safer if he was with other owners his size”

As a peace offering, the staffie has agreed to pay the attacked owner’s medical bills and has pleaded with authorities not to impound his owner.

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