AFL forced to deny round 0 was an attempt to outdo AFLX as the worst idea its had

The AFL has been forced to deny that round 0 was a deliberate attempt to take the pressure off AFLX as the worst thing footy has ever done.

Round 0 is widely believed to be a favour to ex-CEO Gillon McLachlan who has to live with the shame and indignity of AFLX every day of his life.

A source close to the AFL inner sanctum told The Times,

“There is no truth to these allegations. Believe it or not, we thought that Round 0 would be a good idea for reasons even we can’t remember now. Did you like it?”

No. No one did. Round 0 felt like a sporting blue-balling for footy fans who look forward to round 1 to see who has the bottle to go all the way.

Another source close to the AFL told The Times that Round 0 wasn’t just an excuse to give some of the favoured teams like Collingwood, Tigers, Melbourne & Carlton an extra bye in the year. Adding,

“How dare you insinuate the AFL has some vested interest in those teams. Is it because we loathe to allow them to play away from the G? Is it because we picked them all to get an extra bye this year? Rack off!”

Alas, try as they might, Round 0 still doesn’t hold a candle to the unmitigated disaster that was AFLX – with its rectangular field, superhero costumes and generally being cornier than a farmer’s turd.

You’ll have to try a bit harder, AFL.

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