Subletter wanting $450pw for ½ a room kindly requests tenant doesn’t even breathe while there

A Perth subletter has put out a truly tantalising ad on Facebook today. Seeking a tenant to occupy the 2nd half of their spare room for the low low price of $450pw! But wait, there’s more!

The ad goes on to stipulate that the price doesn’t include bills, access to the kitchen, or the right to have friends sleepover. It also makes clear that the ideal tenant would be clean, tidy, preferably FIFO, and would refrain from even breathing while there.

We spoke to the subletter who said it was a hard decision to put the ½ room on the market but she really didn’t want to cop the full brunt of her own rental increase. Adding,

“My perfect tenant, in an ideal world, would be someone who actually has somewhere else to live. Is that too much to ask for in this economy? Like, I want the money but I don’t actually want to share my house”

The ad has been met with plenty of interest. Much to the joy of the current tenant in the first half of the room – who by all accounts is busting for a breath. They told The Times,

“I thought paying $450pw for a room was good but now I get to pay the same amount for half the room. My housemate has put up a bed sheet separating the room so there is plenty of privacy. I feel like my human rights are being respected”

Another prospective tenant noticed a little detail in the ad which said that the tenant would also be expected to contribute $100pw for cleaning. He told The Times,

“I asked the landlord if I could just clean the kitchen I wasn’t allowed to use instead of paying $100. They said no. I told them they drove a hard bargain but ultimately that’s a good deal still”

To date, the ad has received over 1000 expressions of interest. Proving that you don’t have to be a parasitic property manager to take advantage of people during these troubling times.

May we all keep long memories.

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