Perth Possum Demands Tenant Rights Reform After Claims of Unlawful Eviction

Finally, the Perth possum that was yeeted from his temporary lodging has broken his silence. Calling on the State Government to strengthen the rights of tenants after what he claims was an unconscionable eviction last week.

The incident occurred at Perth Zoo, where a possum claims to have entered into an informal sublease agreement to crash at an enclosure also home to an Orangutan who was formerly on the lease.

This of course led to the possum being evicted under what one might call, less-than-fair circumstances. We spoke to a tenant’s rights advocate who told The Times,

“We see this time and time again. Desperation leads to these grey area situations where the weaker party feels almost helpless. We believe accommodation is a right, not a privilege and the possum should have at least got sufficient notice before the eviction”

A spokesperson for the Orangutan said that King Louie disputes the possum’s claims. Adding,

“King Louie maintains that it wasn’t an informal sublease situation, but rather a clear case of trespass. More like a squatter. He therefore had no obligation to give a notice period and acted in the best interest of his well-being, saying that, he concedes he probably didn’t need to yeet the poor feller halfway to the Swan River”

The Western Australian Government has acknowledged it has “a fair bit of work” into making the rental game equitable. Especially after hearing stories like this. A spokesperson told The Times,

“This was a particularly callous example of the inequality in the rental sector. We have also heard reports of other Great Apes upping their rent to two or three times the amount of fresh fruit without any warning. This is a blight on our reputation as a fair nation and it will be addressed”

A spokesperson for the possum told The Times that the possum will be looking at filing a civil action against the Orangutan for the stress caused by his sudden and unceremonious homelessness. He also claims to have a bit of a stiff neck since the yeeting.

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