WA Quietly Scraps Plans For Swan Blimp Tours Of South Carolina

Tourism WA has decided not to bring back the Swan Blimp for exclusive floats over the coast of South Carolina after seeing how the Seppos dealt with potentially unwanted inflatable aircraft.

Under the proposed scheme, tourists to WA could get on the blimp and soar effortlessly toward America for a very competitive fee. The only kicker was that passengers aboard the Swan Blimp were required to take some photos using high-powered cameras with incredible zoom. A policy WA is calling, “fairly normal, these days”. A spokesperson told The Times,

“We had a lot of interest from the Chinese tourism market however we reject the allegation we were marketing it towards them. Even if all the ads were written in Mandarin. Totally coincidence”

Nevertheless, after America’s actions toward a humble balloon the other day there was a serious rethink of the plan. The spokesperson continued,

“Yeah, I guess it didn’t pass the pub test. We just wanted our passengers to take wonderful photos that we could use to promote the blimp. However, now we reckon America might see that as an act of espionage and quite frankly we wish to maintain our policy of sucking them off in exchange for military protection”

WA has promised to consider scaling back the plans and simply sending the Swan Blimp over to New Zealand. A country that would never suspect another is overly invested in what they are doing. 

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