Former Crypto-Bro Slides Seamlessly Into His New Identity As An AI Expert

It has been an eye opening couple of years for former Perth cryptocurrency “expert”, Ben, who admits that while he lost everything on meme-coins he gained so much more – a new identity as a self-styled Artificial Intelligence blowhard.

He used to fill his days uploading laser-eye profile pics and using those diamond hands to smash out tweets bragging about his almost certain path to wealth beyond measure. It was undeniable he was a massive cryptocunt. Or his his words, “have fun staying poor lololol”.

Now he’s telling anyone who will listen about what ChatGTP can do and how he could pass a full medical degree in 2 weeks using some “hacks”. 

We spoke to a close friend of Ben who admits that he is happy to see the back of “Crypto-Ben” but just wishes he’d do some actual research into AI before spouting his half-cocked opinions. Telling The Times,

“I think everyone is pretty excited, maybe even a little anxious, to see where AI programs take us. Of course, Ben knows all though. I was putting together a shopping list on the weekend and he told me to ask ChatGPT for a shopping list of summery meals. Said I was an idiot for using my own cognitive function”

We caught up with Ben who was busy inputting random shit into ChatGPT and chest pumping over the results. He told The Times,

“I got ChatGPT to write my mum’s birthday card message. It’s soooo much better than what a human could come up with. So much warmer. Man imagine expressing your own sentiments in 2023. The ChatGPT revolution is happening now! Maybe I can as it to write a trading bot to help claw back some of those loses ha ha”

Alas, it’s not all smooth sailing for Ben as he continues to use ChatGPT at work but then is too lazy to proof the document to edit out any inconsistencies. His employer told The Times,

“He thinks he’s slick but obviously ChatGPT isn’t at that level where it can pick up every nuance of his work in a 2023 context. I don’t think he realises that’s he’s just showing us that a machine can pretty much do his job and we probably only need to hire a part time position to gloss over the accuracy”

Good luck Ben.

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