Taxpayers: why spend millions on a WACA pool when we can neglect road drainage for free?

It was revealed this week that Marko reckons Basil dogged the boys on a deal to chuck in some coin towards a new pool facility at the WACA. However, Perf atrocious infrastructure has stepped in to solve the kerfuffle.

You know what they say, if you got a road system with abysmal drainage, you got a pool. As plenty of overly ambitious drivers have learned this week while trying to navigate their way through the great Perth deluge.

Science types reminds us that we can expect rain every winter. It’s not just a one off. So as long as nothing silly is done like improved drainage works, we can all enjoy the free road-pool each winter. Not just in East Perth either, in any suburb you like.

You literally just have to pick up your child and throw them as far as you can towards any road today and odds are they will land in a nice bit of water.

Anyone concerned with safety can be assured that the raft of flooded hatchbacks act as pontoons that the kids can seek refuge on and even jump off.

It’s like a beautiful beachside town, except its full of drivers going apeshit because the roads are flooded like a cougar’s undergarments at a Chris Isaac’s concert.

For those missing the social aspect of a pool at the WACA fear not. All the tradies getting stuck into their 4 pack of pre-mix bourbon driving through the roadpool will make it feel like a real poolside bar.

Kind of like Bali but all from the comfort of your waterlogged, traffic jammed automobile. That’s living Barry.

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