Thornlie girl starting to think she’s something after moving into Crestwood Estate

Keisha grew up on the Thornlie Square side of Spencer Road and was well known in the community as a down-to-earth Thornlie gal.

That’s until last week when she moved in with a feller she met at Lakers Tav a few months ago. She wasn’t a Thornlie girl now, she was a Crestwood Estate resident and it’s starting to go to her head.

We spoke to Keisha’s friend who remembers her friend fondly as the girl who used to smoke billies in the Maddo side underpass with her in between occasionally attending class. She told The Times,

“Keisha really forgot where she came from once she became a Crestwood resident. Now she sips Cruisers from a class with ice by the pool and shops at Forest Lakes. I don’t know who she is anymore”

Keisha’s own father also had his heart broken by her transformation. He recounts a tough phone call where she dropped some hard truths on the old boy. He told The Times,

“She told me that if she sees me around the traps I should ensure no one important is looking if I want to say hi. She says she now has an image to maintain. She’s starting to think she’s all that”

Keen to get the full picture, we tracked down Keisha who was busy ensuring everyone in the Crestwood pool was in fact a resident. Or Blow-In patrol, as she called it.

After being satisfied there were no turds in the punchbowl, Keisha told The Times,

“Life is so much better at the top. I don’t need regular Thornlie residents trying to drag me down because they are jealous of how I’m living. Do you know Crestwood Estate is actually a Radburn design? So go back to your methburn neighbourhood and leave me in peace”

It’s a sad sight to see but it’s beyond doubt that Keisha does in fact think she’s something now. Another victim to the Crestwood ego boost.

Hopefully, her friends remember her when she comes back down to earth!

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