Visiting doctor selflessly takes time out of Perth trip to help understaffed health system

World renowned physician, Dr Johnny Sins, has selflessly swooped in to attend to patients at several of Perth’s hospitals which have been under the pump since as far back as the memory can go.

Dr Sins is in Perth to provide his medical services at Sexpo, given the high chance an old horndog’s ticker might be overstimulating as he meets his favourite stars.

A source close to Dr Sins told The Times that Johnny ultimately wanted to give back to the community and if you’ve ever seen his work you know he has volumes of love to give. Adding,

“What a guy, he just waltzes into the RPH emergency room and after about an hour he leaves several patients very satisfied. Funnily enough they were all attractive older women that must be his speciality”

Not only is Dr Sins helping out at Charlies, RPH, Fiona Stanley and Joondalup but he’s made several emergency house calls for women who have managed to get stuck in washing machines.

We spoke to a young lady who admitted she was quite embarrassed at getting stuck in her Fisher & Paykel but found Dr Sins to be a total professional.

“I wish my usual GP was as attentive as Dr Sins. Not only did he free me from my little pickle but gave me a few injections that I sorely needed. He told me that I was suffering from the acute effects of shortdickitis and wrote me a prescription for a better boyfriend”

Dr Sins will be in Perth for the weekend both at Sexpo and attending to your needs in busy hospitals all over Perth.

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