WA Continues Reputation As An Inhospitable Place For Anyone Called Scott Morrison

Another blow has been dealt to people named Scott Morrison as the coach of the Wildcats resigns after just one season in WA. 

This comes off the back of WA being credited as a major driving force in the LNP defeat in the 2022 election.

Coach Scott Morrison has cited family reasons for his decision to leave the club but some pundits are speculating it could be to do with the pure power of the anti-Scomo aura emitted from the WA cave community. 

A source within the NBL told The Times,

“Obviously there is a lot of change going on at the Wildcats at the moment. However you can’t underestimate how unappealing WA is for a Scott Morrison after the election hammering”

Anyone currently going by Scott Morrison has been urged to exercise caution in their professional lives. 

An expert on the phenomenon told The Times,

“Anyone could be next, well anyone called Scott Morrison. So yeah, maybe it’s best to have a chat with your boss and see how you’re going at work. Just a suggestion”

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