Perth To Become First Pop-Up CBD – Open For One Day Only! To Lure Back Crowds

In an effort to draw crowds back to the CBD, Perth has proposed a radical strategy to be open for one day only! Given that’s clearly what will get the population interested in coming to the City. 

In every other part of the world, extended trading hours seem to be favoured by consumers. However, the Perth CBD has looked at the success of American fast food pop-ups for inspiration.

Not only did In-N-Out see huge crowds flock to the City but they were even prepared to wait in the rain for basically the same burger they could get anywhere else. Further proof that the CBD just needs to dangle the right carrot in front of the pack of Perth mules. 

Under the plan, Perth CBD will announce it is “popping up” in Western Australia once or twice a year and the profits to the businesses is expected to be astronomical. 

A cafe owner admitted the plan seemed to be counterproductive but conceded that you couldn’t argue with the evidence, telling The Times,

“All we have to do is rebrand as a pop-up and maybe just say our coffee is American or someshit and we’ll get more customers on those days than an entire year if we carry on as a normal CBD”

We spoke to a man who is unable to stop himself from lining up for anything that pops-up. He told The Times,

“An entire CBD pop-up? I’d clear my schedule. I’d sit in Freeway traffic for 2 days. I’d do anything to be part of that fleeting experience. I have no idea why, it’s just in my DNA. I have a serious problem”

The visionary and brains behind the idea told The Times that while the CBD would only pop-up for “one day only” the intense queues of almost 2M Western Australians climbing over each other in a FOMO-induced frenzy would mean lines would remain for some weeks. He told The Times,

“The best part of the plan is that no one will be able to tell the difference anyway on the days the CBD isn’t popped up. You’d have to actually go in to know after all”

The plan is expected to match up with the Green Mitsi Hunt initiative. People are expected to fly from interstate to be a part of all the fun.

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