WA Forks Out $9.2M In Spray Paint To Turn East Perth Power Station Into Instagram Spot

The Western Australian Government has pledged a further $9.2M worth of spray cans on top of the $60M already committed to give the East Perth Power Station makeover and turn it into the “South Freo Power Station of the North”.

When it comes to flogged out power stations, Perth likes them dilapidated, graffiti-covered, and plastered across the feed of any swinging dick or dickette with a photo blog “celebrating Perth city”. 

With just healthy dosing of graff, the power station is expected to draw in millions of photographers a year and give the area a real boost. There are plans to build a burger shop next to it to sweeten the deal. 

Originally, Twiggy & Stokes had planned to turn the area into some kind of “residential, recreational, commercial and tourism spot” which is code for the fact they had “no fucken idea” what to do with it. 

Inspiration came, however, when the Twigman decided to “live a little” and experience the unmatched rush of “bomben a tag” on a piece of Cottesloe playground equipment. 

He was instantly transported back to his Pilbara roots where the only activity for kids was writing crude messages in public toilets. 

A spokesperson for Twiggy told The Times,

“Our problem was we were trying to reinvent the wheel. Turn the East Perth Power Station into some garish shrine to gentrification and pretentious living. When in reality, we could just get the WA to pick up the tab to get disenfranchised street youths to help create a key social media spot for urban-culture-tourists with Nikons”

Typically, the project has experienced controversy. With allegations Roger Cook painted over Twiggy’s rugby mural in a clear act of disrespect. 

A spokesperson for Twiggy said the incident couldn’t go unanswered and Twiggy confronted Cook at a nearby skatepark with a trolley pole. Adding,

“It doesn’t matter if it’s the FMG boardroom or the street, Twiggy’s name is his name and you don’t disrespect that. You don’t see Roger painting over Marko’s self-portrait in there, do ya?”

With the Government funding locked in, the project is likely to only cost Twiggy & Stokes $1, which is conveniently what the land was valued at given its issues. 

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