WA Health considers relaxing stocktake on the “good stuff” to help attract more nurses

It’s no secret that staffing at WA hospitals is a serious issue. So WA Health is considering a radical measure to attract more nurses, especially seasoned campaigners, back to the public system. 

Under the plan, nurses would be allowed to take a “lolly bag” of schedule 4-9 goodies home at the end of a particularly hectic shift. In a policy designed to “take the edge off” a bit. 

Currently, tight regulation exists around schedule 4 through to 9 chill pills. Including needing multiple staff members to access the safe and strict reporting protocol. Not like the good ‘ole days. 

We spoke to a nurse that left the public health system after claiming she was tired of understaffing, being abused and a general lack of coordination in the hospital. She told The Times,

“Back in the day you’d just force a smile knowing that you’d have a few val-pals to enjoy at Milligans after work. Then you’d just go to your happy place. It wasn’t perfect but the system worked”

A directionless high schooler contacted The Times to say that she’d certainly enroll in nursing if there was a xanny-rainbow at the end of the tunnel, adding,

“Hell yeah, that’d be lit. I was thinking maybe physiotherapy but I’ll do just about anything that kind of perk”

Not everyone is stoked at the proposal. With a leading doctor expressing his concern, 

“What about the rest of us that want to pop a temaza and mung out after a long shift? One rule for nurses another for me, ay? You think being a doctor in this system is a walk in the park?”

Supporters of the proposal say that the doctor can do what the rest of his kind do and get a mate doctor to write a prescription. 

It remains to be seen whether the proposal will go through. Although, probably not. 

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