WA’s first fully licensed Emergency Department Bar & Grill Proposed For Yagan Square To Cover All Bases

“Emergency DeBARtment” is a radical concept that hopes to find a compromise between the will of the public and the desire to not let Yagan Square go down as one of Perth’s worst failures in recent times. 

It is clear the public is demanding action on the failing health system. It is also clear that the right entertainment venue at Yagan Square could do very well when the ECU campus is complete and thousands of students seek to wet their whistles. 

So, the WA Government has decided to split the difference and has tendered for the world’s first fully licenced emergency department bar & grill. Now, this won’t be merely a tacky-themed bar. Oh no.

Under the proposal, it will be a fully functioning Emergency Department as one would see at RPH. However, the difference is that you’ll be able to order an Aperol Spritz and a grazing platter while you wait to be seen. Yep, full gurney service is on offer.

Nurses will also be offered a 50% discount as a show of appreciation. A modest gesture given an actual payrise is needed but at least they’ll get to blow off some steam at the bar (more on undervalued nurses HERE).

Supporters of the radical concept have said that not only does it give all key stakeholders what they want but would be “incredibly convenient”. We spoke to Perth local Raymond who told The Times,

“I’ll be closer than ever to the ED after getting into a biff at Yagan Square. That’s the sort of forwarding thinking that I expect as a taxpayer”

Naturally, even the promise of a super venue & an extra ED hasn’t satisfied everyone. We spoke to a doctor who said the idea was ludicrous and spat in the face of everything a hospital stands for. Adding,

“How do they expect me to tend to emergency presentations when I’m seeing delicious counter meals being slung right next to me? Once again, the health professionals will do the heavy lifting on this project. A bowl of wedges on my break would be nice though”

The WA Government has also promised to have the TRG work as security at the venue to help alleviate safety concerns other sections of the public has when it comes to Yagan Square. 

Basil is allegedly indifferent to the idea, just as long as he gets to cut the red ribbon when it opens. Tune in for developments. 

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