Why you keep out of the water after a whale dies

(Photo credit: skiesabovephotography)

Some people can be strangely relaxed when it comes to beach closures following a whale’s death.

With all those oils leaking into the water, a certain type of predator is attracted.

Imagine whale juices are the aroma off a fresh batch of sizzler cheese toast and the tiger shark is the obese bogan who just power-sharted in the toilet to clear some room for more.

“A sHaRk iN tHe OcEaN wHo’d HaVe tHouGht” etc etc. Nevertheless, enjoy the footage of some raw nature

Looks like the Tiger has deployed some impressive death roll technique.

UPDATES on the Port Beach Whale plans BELOW

Needless to say stay well away from the beach down in Rockingham (or anywhere near tbh).

For more information on what is happening with the whale check out below:

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