Forrestfield man almost gets away with it after clever use of Xmas decorations

A Forrestfield man’s cooked decision to decorate one of his mull plants has almost paid dividends after police attended the man’s home on an unrelated matter.

The police knocked on Kristofer’s door at 8 am, to follow up on reports that he was laying fat skids the night before (he was).

A normally cautious campaigner answered the door assuming it was just one of his deadshit mates wanting a quick cone on smoko. Alas, it was the po-po. Kristofer told The Times,

“Faaaaaaaaaaaark, I reckoned as I saw them standing at me door. I had the Xmas mully on full display. They kept glancing at it but I don’t reckon they clocked on. I done a good job of decorating it ay, had pressies under it and all”

According to WA Police, the officers initially assumed it was just a Christmas tree until they noticed the nervous demeanour on Kristofer’s face. A spokesperson told The Times,

“Initially, the overpowering stink of feet & Lynx body spray fooled our officers but upon observing the man’s increasingly nervous mannerisms they decided to take a better look at the tree and noticed it wasn’t from Kmart, let’s put it that way”


After forming a reasonable belief that the Xmas tree was a prohibited plant, the officers entered the house to marvel at the tree. Kristofer told The Times,

“One of them gave me a nudge and told me it wasn’t a bad effort. Maybe a bit more tinsel and shit and I would’ve got away with it. Spewin’ mate, that was my festive season choof sorted”

Upon a further examination of the dwelling, police seized a further 3 plants anda pippy with a little santa hat on it. Accordingly, Kristofer got himself a little date with the Magistrate.

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