’06 Era West Coast Accuse Brisbane Lions of Cultural Appropriation Over Disastrous Vegas Trip

West Coast has sensationally accused the Brisbane Lions of cultural appropriation after news broke that the minor premiers had a bit of a ‘mare in Vegas on the end of season trip.

’06 West Coast firmly believe that disastrous Vegas trips is part of their culture. After all, they are the ones that have to hear about the post Grand Final trip every time the VFL mentions the mighty dynasty.

A spokesperson for ’06 era West Coast told The Times,

“Although we understand the nature of the chaos is a bit different we don’t appreciate these pretenders making headlines with a quintessentially 06 West Coast cultural practice. We would ask them to develop their own unique brand of scandal in the future”

Brisbane deny they have appropriated West Coast’s culture claiming that in their case, leaked group chats allegedly caused relationship strain between players and their partners.

Whereas, In the case of the Eagles, the Vegas trip threw extra flames on allegations the club was dabbling in party drugs. A spokesperson for Brisbane told The Times,

“We believe the end of season trips are disastrous in different ways and therefore we’re innocent of ripping them off”

Eagles have fired back saying that a balls-up is a balls-up but conceded there were major differences between the trips. As the spokesperson told The Times,

“Far as I remember the Eagles won their premiership before the trip. How’d Brisbane go? West Coast were celebrating, Brisbane were commiserating, that’s the only difference”

West Coast has also reached out to the Melbourne footy club for similar reasons.

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