Admin lady not dealing well with zoomer staff’s casual style of electronic communication

A rusted-on admin lady is seriously struggling to handle her zoomer coworker’s relaxed style of email communication. 

In a particularly egregious case of casual emailing, a young coworker was asked if he could RSVP to a work lunch later in the week. The admin worker recounted the scene,

“So I asked this young man for the third time if he could please RSVP to the lunch as a matter of urgency. I signed off with regards and made sure to use proper grammar throughout the correspondence he responded with “free lunch? fr fr”

When she received the reply she almost went into cardiac arrest and took the matter straight to HR. 

Later in the day, an email was sent to all staff reminding them to maintain professional standards with all work-related communication. She thought she’d solved the issue. 

Alas, with each and every correspondence with her younger coworkers, a nail was driven further & further into her antiquated sense of etiquette. As noted by another bust-up this week. 

In this case, she sent a group email to a group of staff she had put on her shortlist as possible suspects for leaving an unwashed teaspoon on the sink. She received a reply 3 hours later from a zoomer that simply read “nah no cap” proceeded by a number of skull faces.

To make it worse, she even noticed the zoomer had inserted a nonstandard email signoff, “lukewarm regards”. The admin lady needed to take half a day off just to cope with it. 

After returning to work and causing a huge fuss, the admin lady was urged to embrace Slack given the zoomer staff were showing no signs of taking email seriously. 

She tried to system and when a zoomer coworker saw her first message he replied that she was “based”. She immediately logged out. 

This wasn’t received well and the admin lady told her workplace that if she was forced to adopt new technology she would be taking them to Fair Work over the trauma it will no doubt cause her. 

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