Ageing millennial asks DoT if they could knock a few years off her date of birth seeing as they are feeling so generous with new licence numbers

39-year-old, Carla, has taken the opportunity to ask the Department of Transport if they’d knock a few years off her date of birth while they issue her a fresh licence number due to the Optus data hacks. 

After all, isn’t the date of birth also a handy tool in the scammer’s box of tricks? We spoke to Carla who has taken the business end of her 30s poorly, to say the least. She told The Times,

“I am not comfortable being 39 or scammers knowing my exact birthdate! It’s only fair they shave a few years off with a new date of birth. Let’s call it 1996 shall we?”

We understand that the DoT is taking the request seriously. Given the importance of personal data privacy in this day and age. However a spokesperson told The Times,

“Look, we understand but 1996? She ain’t passing off as 26 mate. We could make her 33 at best and that’s pushing it. Her years of tanning have aged her terribly”

Carla claims that it’s “not a big deal” and she’d be happy for all official records to be corrected to reflect the age she *feels inside*. Which is also a huge lie. Her partner told The Times,

“Yeah, she ain’t youthful, 26 would be a fkn stretch, mate. In bed by 8:30 pm most nights and once cut ties with a friend because they kept insisting to have catchups past 7 pm on school nights”

Similarly, a reckless hoon has enquired as to whether DoT could knock off a few demerit points in the spirit of giving. 

They have not responded to his request. 

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