Upcoming 30-degree day only thing standing between Perth woman and debilitating post-5 day holiday blues 

Perth woman, Stephanie, once again flew too close to the sun and lived every day of the 5-week break like she never had to work again. 

Alas, judgement day has arrived and as a vineyard’s worth of yew-juice slowly seeps out of every pore she is dangerously close to a mini office meltdown. Not helped by the fact Tony has nabbed her preferred workspace in a brazen act of hot-desk-dogcunting.

It would all seem hopeless but for a single beacon of light in the distance. A dream for Stephanie to tether herself to and avoid floating down the sad river of comedownery. Thursday is gonna be an absolute 30-degree belter. 

We spoke to Stephanie who was making her 4th coffee for the morning, she told The Times,

“All I have to do is think about Thursday and everything will be OK. 30 degrees so early in Spring. What a marvel. I just have to get through to Thursday. I thought my 5-day holiday was going to last forever”

If Stephanie can just drag her lethargic arse through a few more days she can pull a work-from-home card on Thursday and sun herself happy in her backyard. Like a quiet-quitting lizard on the rock of minimum effort employeeship.

Similarly, her workmate Dan is looking like he just spent a night on the Event Horizon. He told The Times,

“10:30 rolled around and I was just fanging for a brekkie beer. Like I’d treated myself to every day of the 5-day break. If it wasn’t for the upcoming forecast I reckon I’d be sobbing even louder”

So far, Dan has spent an impressive 1 hour 45 minutes on the toilet. For a mixture of work & play. However, it’s the intense fixation on maybe dipping his toes in the ocean on Thursday that is getting him through. 

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