Kimberley Man Blown Away By Ripper Value At Perth Airport

Kimberley man, Johnno, has been left completely flabbergasted by the ripper deals at Perth Airport over the weekend. Even telling his Perth buddies that he intends to eat out at Perth Airport every day of the week at these prices. 

See, Johnno has been a resident of the Kimberley his whole life and has recently moved down to Perth for a little sea change. So you can only imagine his eyes when he saw a pint of Great Northern mid-strength for the low low price of $12.75! It was like love at first sight. 

Johnno’s mate couldn’t believe their eyes as Johnno went to shake the Cafe worker’s hands over what he considered a VERY reasonable cost for a sanga. His mate told The Times,

“You know that feeling when you’re in Bali and just living like a king? Well that was Johnno at Perth Airport. He snapped up a Masters milk for $7 and loudly yewwwed. Even went to try and hug the lady behind the counter. He was loving it”

Before getting on the flight to Adelaide he’d spent about $300 at the Airport which he claims wouldn’t get him through the doors at his old Woolworths up north. He told The Times,

“It’s like that ad ay, GET TO THE CAR!!! HAHA man, Yous Perth greenhorns been hiding this little gem from me. Check out this sanga, $14! Can you believe that, even has 2 pieces of ham in it YEWWWW BEAUUUUUTYYY”

After crunching the numbers, Johnno figured out it was actually cheaper to buy a plane ticket and eat at Perth Airport each night than his old weekly grocery bill up north. He continued, 

“I’m gonna be like that Hanks cobber in that Terminal movie ahahah but by choice ay. Love it here. Yous want a Pooooirate Loiife? Only $17.20!, I’ll take 3!!!!!”

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