Lean FIFO Man Swears By Mining Camp Diet – “You Won’t Want To Eat More”

Before landing a job on the mines, Traylor’s rig was sloppier than a re-microwaved Whopper with cheese. That’s until he learned the secrets of mining camp slop. 

After his first swing, Traylor noticed the combination of long days and not wanting to touch the dry mess chow with a 10 foot pole was doing wonders for his waistline. 

Through a coupla strategic deccos and a feverish dedication to his trusty vape and Traylor was looking the picture of health. 

Mindlessly moving around some burnt snags and a depressing salad with a fork, Traylor told The Times,

“You think anyone’s getting a second plate of this? Yeah nah, I just close my eyes, shovel in the bare minimum nutrition and then suck on my vape like I owe it money”

The diet isn’t without its drawbacks. With some miners missing the luxuries of proper, appetising food. However, Traylon has a trick for that too,

“Ya just gotta focus on how much profit your employer is making and then thank them for providing you with this pant’s loosening grub. It even makes ya shit like a farm animal bro”

Like all healthy regimes, Traylor likes to incorporate a “cheat day” into his week. Which consists of 5 bowls of Mi Goreng that he fiendishly devours in his donga before passing out into a sodium induced slumber. 

However, not everyone agrees that mining camp slop is the path to a trim figure. A mountainous Kiwi on site said the food is “mean” and regularly smashes 4-5 plates. He told The Times,

“Awww ye cuzzy, it’s just fush fungers at home ay, I feel like I’m at the Atrium when I’m on site ay, hard out. I even have a cup of gravy churrrr”

Traylor’s claims have also attracted criticism from one of his workmates, who told The Times,

“Camp food? Is that what he told you? Bro probably nothing to do with the fact he’s awake for a week when he’s back in Perth ahah, classic Traylor bro, that’s why he’s looking trim”