Rick Dedicates News Segment To His Long Beach Homies, Crip Walks Out Of 7 Studios

Perth O.G and honourary Crip, Rick Ardon, has showed love to his Long Beach Homies tonight by rocking the blue on live TV. A move he described as “one love”.

Viewers were shocked when the TV veteran started his usual bulletin by announcing that they should “free all his LOCs” before pouring out a portion of beer from a bottle on the floor.

When asked further about his choice of tie he said he was said only a G would understand. Before proceeding to dance out of the Channel 7 studios in a distinct way.

Some say the distinctive style was the “Crip walk”. A dance reserved for real Crip gangsters. Channel 7 deny the allegations obviously. Claiming Lil Ricky was just “on one“.

We understand that Rick is most likely at the concert, backstage with his Long Beach brothers.

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