Rod Stewart Delights Crowd By Dedicating Song To All The Ladies Hoarding Investment Properties

Boomer heartthrob Rod Stewart reportedly had his audience in the palm of his hand after dedicating his hit song “Have I Told You Lately” to all the single ladies hoarding investment properties.

Arthritic joints flailed in delight as the pop icon addressed the crowd before launching into the song. An audience member told The Times,

“It was like he was staring into each and every one of our souls when he said that the next one is going out to all the self-funded retirees clogging up the property market. He winked at this old biddy in the crowd and I swear she almost fainted. She later told me she owns 4 properties”

Another audience member said he replaced a few words to sing the song in the style of a boomer singing to their negatively geared palace. Adding,

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“He was adding lyrics like, have I told you lately, that I’ll rent you and fill my bank with gladness, cause tenant sadness jack the rent up that’s what I’ll do. You could tell he really knew his audience because they were going nuts”

After rocking the house down with his ode to investment property income the superstar told the audience to picture him as the embodiment of a franking credit before launching into his hit song, do ya think I’m sexy? 

Needless to say, they did. They reaaaaaallly did. 

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