Bubble Tea Business Really Liking The Look Of That Albany Highway Vacancy In EVP

An up-and-coming bubble tea vendor has literally licked her lips as she drove past a vacant shopfront on Albany Highway East Vic Park. 

So enamoured with the spot she banged a u-ey and drove past again thinking to herself, “just what East Vic Park needs”.The vendor who wanted to remain anonymous told The Times,

“It’s all very hush hush at the moment. Wouldn’t want to give anyone else the same idea, you know?”

She looked around to make sure no one was listening to her novel plan to establish a bubble tea shop on the popular strip. She continued, 

“When you look at starting a commercial enterprise you have to ask yourself, what is the location missing? What does it need? And between you and me, I’ve done a boba-load of research on this and think I’ve nailed that criteria”

According to the budding entrepreneur, it was an untap-ioca’d market, adding,

“I think I can even sell bubble tea to those white foodie dipsticks who think they can handle spice and know authentic Asian food. I’m not sure if it has ever been tried before but I’m betting they will be keen to show off how cultured they are with a cool cup of bubble tea”

Perhaps a more cynical mind would suggest that the horse has well and truly bolted on all those fronts. Bolted like Winx running late for a special K party. 

However, the vendor remains optimistic she will be welcomed into East Vic Park as a kind of trendsetter. Adding this final thought,

“I think I can make East Vic Park attractive to the Asian-Australian population of Perth. Wish me luck”

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