Western Burbs Casual Gym Goer Isn’t Fooling Anyone With That $1K Garmin Watch

A western suburbs gym goer who typically puts in 5 minutes on the treadmill and another 25 minutes of walking aimlessly around the weights section has tried to seal his fitness credibility with an elite fitness watch. 

A fellow member of the gym noticed the man not checking the watch once as he socialised and floundered around the floor on Wednesday night. He told The Times,

“He’s got this thing on his wrist that provides important workout bio-data and he didn’t even use it so much as to check the time. Made sure it was up & front and centre in every little gym selfie he posted though”

The man in question has denied it was a vanity buy even despite being seen wearing it at work. In place of his usual Swiss luxury accessory. He told The Times,

“People see this bad boy and they think I’m training for a half marathon or maybe I’m serious about my workouts. You should see how much the admin staff in the office gaze upon it like I’m Hercules himself”

To date, the Garmin-enthusiast has barely got his heart rate up let alone used the watch to even 10% of its true capabilities. Will that stop him from wearing it?

Shit no. 

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