A Subtle Clue To Who May Have Won The $30M Lotto Has Sprung Up Overnight

The winner of the $30M lotto may have left a subtle clue to their identity after a billboard telling “Ken” to shove a job up his arse appeared in Perth’s north overnight. 

The mystery billboard shows a middle-aged man furiously flipping the bird and also advising Ken that there was a little present awaiting him in his office. We spoke to the man who commissioned the billboard who refused to confirm he was the winner but was happy to talk about the present,

“I’m not at liberty to say. Just like I’m not at liberty to say I left a massive steamer on Ken’s chair this morning after some important documentation came to light. I picked this spot because the mutt has to drive past it to get to work each day ha ha ha ha ha”

We reached Ken for comment but his office advised us he was currently roaming the streets of Osborne Park with a tyre iron looking to settle a score.

As for the mystery man, it was obvious he’d enjoyed a windfall of some description. The newly obtained wealth was all over his face and his snack haul from the servo only strengthened the suspicions. Many of these snacks were not included in a 2fa deal. We put this to him and this was his reply,

“Can’t a bloke pick up a Twix, 3 different softies, a pie, a cheese sausage, 2 bags of chips, some milk and a few pairs of speed dealers without getting the bloody Spanish Inquo?”

The man had a point. 

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