Brawl erupts at NOR shops as P!nk mums fight for last packet of pink hair dye

Police have been called to a NOR Priceline this morning after a group of P!nk mummies escalated a dispute over a packet of pink hair dye to full-blown fisticuffs.

Authorities will allege the group of mums after the last packet were loudly begging the mum who had it in her possession. Saying they have the P!nk concert in a few hours and would push their own mothers down the stairs to ensure they look P!nktastic.

A witness at the scene told The Times,

“The main aggressor had a pale pink through her hair. She’d obviously got some dye a day before but it hadn’t taken so she was extra angry. Some of the other mums had no pink at all through their hair so they were even hungrier for the last packet. It was very ugly, like a pack of Corellas fighting over the last bread crumb”

While some of the mums dispersed when the police arrived it took 5 tasers and 4 bursts of pepper spray to subdue the two with their hands locked on the packet of hair dye.

After the brawl was finally stopped, witnesses reported the Priceline looking like a bull had run through a fine china shop. One told The Times,

“It was chaos. Like something you’d see in the news after an earthquake. To stop it a negotiator had to tell the women that they’d take them into the shops bathroom and give them both a hair treatment”

This lead to the main aggressor declaring she was OK with cutting the dye in two whereas the other P!nk mum said she’d rather the dye go safely to someone than face that fate.

That’s when police knew who to give the packet to. With one policeman saying that the lady refusing to see the packet butchered was the one who truly cared about it.

A truly intense situation.

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